EasyHits4You - Full Step-By-Step Guide and Strategy

In this article we'll talk about EasyHits4You and how you can earn money and get visits for your website on affiliate links at the same time. Yes! Here you'll earn money for promoting your links and at the same time you will get some refferals for your other PTC sites. EasyHits4U is a popular traffic exchange program with over 1.000.000 members. You have to visit other user's websites and in change other users will visit yours. Traffic rate here is 1:1 which means for every site you visit you get 1 credit which means 1 visit to your site. Also you will get $0.30 for every 1000 pages you surfed. If you surf 350 sites daily, in less than a month you will reach the minimum payout which is $3. Also you will get $0.10 for every refferal which signes up trough your affiliate link. You can withdraw your money trough Paypal or Payza. But let's start it from the beginning.

First of all you'll have to join  EasyHits4You by clicking the banner below:

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

You'll be redirected to EasyHits4You's main page.

Click Sign Up

You'll be prompted with this screen. 

Click Fill out short registration form

Complete all the required fields and click get started

You'll have to confirm your registration. To do this just authenticate your email account and click the verification link enclosed inside your email.
Once this step is completed, login into your account. It should look like this:

As you can see the interface is user-frendly so even you are a begginer, you'll get along just fine.
In order to start surfing and earn some credits and cash you need to setup a website where you should assing your credits in order to get visits to that specific site. To do this click My Sites:

It will take you to My Sites section. Click Add a new site

Here you'll have to enter the link of your site or your affiliate link and specify a name

If you want to set up your website to be showed in a specific area or country, click on advanced settings and set up your desired configuration. Note that Geo-targeted views will cost 2 credits for 1 view. When you finnished up hit Submit Website.
Your website will open in site's frame to verify if everything works as it should. Wait the timer to finnish and solve chaptcha. Your site should be ready.
The same procedure you'll have to follow if you want to add a banner or a text ad.
One more thing you should do before start surfing is to set your auto-assign ratio. This setting will tell the system how many of your credits will go automaticaly to your active websites. To do this click on Settings

And in the Auto-assign ratio field set 100%

This means that all the credits you make will go automatically to your websites.
Now let's start surfing. Click on Start Surfing (1:1, 20 sec). 

This means that you will visualise a website for 20 seconds and you will earn 1 credit. If you choose Surfing (2:1, 15 sec) it means that you will visualise a website for 15 seconds and you will earn 0.5 credits.
The surf system will open up and you'll have to wait for the timer to finish

Once the timer finished you'll have to select one of the identical images or to solve a simple math equation.

If everything goes alright you will proceed to another website and the process will repeat. Note that the site will display how much sites you have visited and how much credits you have earned.
You'll get also some bonuses. At some points, after a number of websites surfed, you will get some banner impressions, text ad impressions (you can use these for promoting your banners or text ads), free credits or even cash. These bonuses will spawn after 25 sites you surfed, 50, 75, 100 and above 100 from 50 to 50 sites surfed. 

When you get to one of these pages, just click Claim Your Prize and find out what have you earned.

And that's most of EasyHits4You. Is a great traffic exchange if you’re just getting started or if you want to promote paid-to-click opportunities. Good luck!

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Ayuwage - Full Step-By-Step Guide and Strategy

When it comes for Ayuwage I have to tell you that this PTC is one of the most easiest way to make money online. Only for viewing some websites you can earn $0.20 daily. So let's begin. Register on Ayuwage by clicking the banner below:

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

It will take you on Ayuwage's main page. Click Join Ayuwage.

Complete all the steps required for the registration and then click Join Ayuwage Now!

You'll have to confirm your registration. To do this just authenticate your email account and click the verification link enclosed inside your email.

Once you registered, login into your account. It should look like this:

Our main goal here is to make money so, without further indications, click on Start Earning.

It will take you to the earning section which will look like this:

As you can see there are many categories listed there. You can browse each and one of them, you will find detailed information about each one in their respective section. But we'll focus on View and Regular sections. Here's where the ads are listed.

You'll just have to click on every ad

And follow the specific instructions

That's all. Quite simple isn't it?

Of course, refferals will be a major factor here too. Many refferals = much money! When you reach your minimum payout which will be $5, you can withdraw your money to your Paypal or Payza account.

And that being said, I wish you good luck  into your new home-based online job/business!

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Clixsense - Full Step-By-Step Guide and Strategy

Get ready to make money online free. This is a paid to click site, it is not some sort of scam and it also will make your income. If you work hard and check back on a daily basis to get new ads it is going to make you a little extra $.
So, let's start!
Sign up on Clixsense (click on the banner below)

In the upper right, fill in all the information required.

Authenticate your email account, just click the verification link enclosed inside your email.
The link will take you returning to the site, okay your set. Now let's get started! Login into your newly created Clixsense account. It should look like this:

First of all, we'll have the View Ads button.

When you click on it, the available ads will show up to you and you can start to open them one after another (do not open them all at one time).

The website will display a few pictures and will ask you to choose the picture which represents a cat. This will eliminate the posibility of fraud by using some sort of auto-click software.

Wait that the bar fills up.

You'll get a message that money has been added.

The next one is Surveys button. It will open up the surveys page where you can get paid for reviwing products, answer questions, and much more.

The next one is Offers button. Here you will get paid by trying some of the sponsor's applications, listen to radio stations, and all other sort of things.

The next one is Tasks button. It will open the tasks page where you can earn from doing mini jobs like reviwing photo albums for unappropriate content, watch youtube videos, typing articels and much more.

Another cool feature of Cixsense is Clixgrid.

ClixGrid is easy to play. Just click on any square from the picture and you can win up to $5 that goes directly into your account balance! Each click will open up a sponsor's site that you will have to view for up to 10 seconds. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not. Standard members got 25 chances per day. Instead Premium members got 50 chances per day. Also you can reffer other people. You earn 0.01$ for each click of your refferals.

Next one is Advertise button. Here you can advertise your own things, but you have to pay.

Next button is  called Affiliates. Here you can check out how much money you can earn from your refferals and what are the beneficts of upgrading your account. We'll talk about that later.

The last one is the Forum button. Here you can find news about Clixsense and get in touch with other menbers of Clixsense and share your experience.

You can earn anything from $0.01 up to $5.00. This is 100% free and at no cost to you. You have the option to upgrade your status to Premium User and earn way more at a cost of $17.00 per year, but it is up to you. Coming to Clixsense, its not so complicated. Its quite an old and established site, and most of all, a free and paying PTC site. Clicking is the same and a few months back it was no different than Neobux. I was a member for more than 6 months with no luck because I would occasionally fail to click on ads due to my lack of interest in the site and its minimum payout is also higher for standard members, which is quite impossible to achieve. It provides payout through Paypal (most preferred) at $8 and if you buy it's $17 premium membership, payout is $6. But don't worry about any such thing as upgrading. I'll be telling you something that you won't need to spend anything over Clixsense.
Sites need members to find referrals and so does this but recently with the introduction of certain new features, there is no need of getting referrals anymore. Yeah! If you can't find refferals you can still earn money without them!
I earned my first payout within weeks. For that we'll use the Tasks option. Clixsense has introduced this section which pays you from 1 cent to 7 cents per completed submission and the good news is that there are thousands of these tasks available irrespective of your membership level. If I ask you to open a website and check whether the name I provided you beforehand, matches the name on the website, would it be difficult? And if your refferals will complete tasks you will be paid too. Isn't that cool? There are many people who are winning regularly by doing free tasks, so don't waste time in thinking or reading reviews. Trust me, it won't cost even a dime to register.

This is the main reason I prefer Clixsense. You simply get paid for doing plain and easy hard work and it's not like you get paid less. They even have a weekly contest for maximum number of completed tasks. If you are the top scorer, you instantly get $50.

And that's the most of Clixsense. Give it a try, you won't regret it! Good luck!

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Neobux - Full Step-By-Step Guide and Strategy

NeoBux is a free to use online service for making money and for advertising to hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Some users pay to have their ads shown while the great majority of users (like you) earn cash from simply clicking on advertisement links and viewing a page for a few seconds.

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