About Online Money-Making Sites

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Most likely you landed on this page because you're in search of efficient ways to earn money online. Well, in this case, you're lucky because here you'll find very important information about three of the most popular programs to make money online: Paid To Click Sites or PTC, Revenue Sharing Programs and Traffic Exchange Programs. I will provide you full step-by-step guides, tips and tricks so that you become successful in online money-making industry.

But let's talk about the three main programs one-by-one:

Paid To Click Sites (PTC)

Paid-To-Click sites are the internet’s recent best money making program. It is the easiest way to earn money online without any investment. This business needs only less skill to work, just login and view ads daily and get paid. PTC Sites are one of the best ways to make money online from the confort of your house, using your computer. No investment or advanced skills is required.

How PTC Sites work

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Web owners or companies needs traffic or customers. They will pay PTC Sites to advertise their websites or products and then PTC Sites will pay their members to view the advertisers's products. Quite simple isn't it?

How to earn money with PTC Sites

As I said before, you will get paid for viewing advertisements. First of all, you'll have to register on all the PTC websites from the main menu bar. Take a few moments to read every guide for each website listed on the menu bar because you'll find out that every website has it's own mechanism. It's very important to understand how each particular website works and why is so crucial to take your job in serious and be active every day. It will take only 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Once you registered, simple go to Ad Section and click all available ads. PTC usually pay between $0.001 to $0.02 per advertisement. Not much at all but don't worry, keep reading and you'll find out how you will earn way more than that. Once you reached the minimum payout, you can withdraw your earned money through Paypal, Payza or any other payment processors available. I recommend you to use Paypal (I'm using it too). If you don't have a Paypal account, you can create one here. After you withdraw your earnings into your Paypal account, you can easily withdraw them to your credit card or bank account. As I said before, $0.01$ is not to much but here is the magic part: referrals. Referrals are those persons who join to these PTC sites using your referral links. For every ad they click, you will get a commission and it will vary from 10% to 100%. Those are called Direct Referrals. To get them you'll have to promote your affiliate link. You can do this by sharing your experience on PTC Sites with your friends and try to convince them to register trough your affiliate link, post your affiliate link on forums, chat rooms, e-mail marketing (be careful - do not spam), use traffic exchange programs (see EasyHits4You) and so on. Other method to improve your earnings are Rented Referrals. Those are people who already registered on PTC websites but there are no one's referral. Some PTC sites like Neobux offer you the possibility to rent some of these referrals. Usually you can buy packs of 5, 10, 20 to 100 referrals for $2 to $50. Note that not all the PTC websites have the option to rent referrals. Now, let's assume you'll have 100 referrals. Most likely not all of them will be active. Presuming that you will have 50 active referrals daily your earnings will look like this: You click 10 ads: 10 x $0.01 = $0.10. Your referrals click 10 ads: 50 x 10 x $0.01 = $5. Your daily earnings: $0.10 x $5 = $5.10. Your monthly earnings = 30 x $5.10 = $153. If you join all the PTC sites from the main bar your monthly potential earnings is: 4 x $153 = $612. Also you can buy Golden Memberships which will double the amount you are earning for an advertisement. If you earn $0.001 for a specific set of ads, with Golden Membership you will earn $0.01, if you earn $0.01 for a specific set of ads you will earn $0.1 with Golden Membership and so on. Note that referral earnings will double too.

Revenue Sharing Programs

Revenue Sharing Programs are in some ways similar to PTC sites. The main difference between them is that revenue sharing programs, besides they are paying you for viewing ads they also share their revenue with their members. To be able to get a part of a revenue sharing program's earnings you'll have to buy a revenue sharing position which will be available for a period of time and by the end of that period of time, you will get back the amount of money you spend on that sharing position and a certain percentage of respective amount. For example if you buy a sharing position which worth $50 for 30 days with a revenue sharing of 110%, after 30 days you will earn $55. Many revenue sharing programs like My Paying Ads are offering some traffic packs with their revenue sharing positions which means that you will pay for example $50 for an ad pack with revenue sharing, you will get some traffic to promote your website or other PTC sites in order to gain some referrals and after 30 days you will earn $55.
Note that buying revenue sharing positions in optional. You can earn only by viewing ads or cash links and/or from your referrals.

Traffic Exchange Programs

Traffic Exchange Programs are websites where you visit a website for an amount of time and in change someone else will visit your website. For each visit, depending of each traffic exchange website's traffic rate,  you will earn 1 credit which worth 1 visit. Traffic rate may vary from one traffic exchange site to another. Most traffic exchange sites provide a 1:1 traffic rate which means that for 1 website viewed, you will receive 1 credit which means 1 visit to your website. On this type of sites you can promote also your banners from your other PTC sites or you can set up text ads. Some of these traffic exchange sites will also pay you to surf. A good example is EasyHits4You which will pay you $0.30 for every 1000 pages surfed. You can also earn from your referrals but only for sign-up's.
Traffic exchange sites are a great way to earn some money while you promote your other PTC or revenue sharing programs.

Tips and pitfalls to avoid

- join all sites I recommended you. They are all tested, trusted and paying
- use the same e-mail address and username on every PTC you join. It will make your job way more easier
- use Gmail or Yahoo e-mail addresses
- don't you ever think about trying to cheat. Do not make multiple accounts on the same PTC website because they will all end by being closed. These sites invest a lot of money in their anti-cheat systems so any attempt to cheat, in any way, will end up with your account suspended and all your earnings will be lost
- click ads EVERY DAY! If you'll skip a day, you won't get money from your referrals the next day
- do not invest at the beginning from your pocket. Remain as a Free member and work for sometime. You could try to reinvest your earnings to rent some referrals or raise money for a potential Golden Upgrade
- don't cash out when you'll reach the minimum payout for the first time. Try to reinvest that profit. Think of it as a business because, after all, that's what all this PTC Industry is all about, business. You will be like a businessman trying to grow his business, to enlarge his financial empire.

And that being said, I wish you good luck  into your new home-based online job/business!